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Comprehensive Training

Dubbo Football Referees is always looking to recruit new certified officials for training and competition assignments. We’re committed to providing exceptional officiating services and promoting sportsmanship for the events our members are involved with, which involves a comprehensive training program and thorough assessments by our senior officials.

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Dubbo Football Referees

How To Join

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Step 1

Online Laws of the Game Course

Complete the Online Laws of the Game examination here.

Please also retain a copy to bring to your Level 4 Course.

Step 2

Level 4 Course

The next step is to attend and pass a Referee Level 4 Course. These courses are run by Dubbo Football Referees in accordance with Football NSW. To find the next available level 4 course or any other course of interest click here.

Step 3

Play Football

Register to become a member of Dubbo Football Referees here. Once registered someone in our team will contact you with more information.

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